As school districts look towards the future and begin planning for a new school year, the health and safety of staff and families is of the highest priority.

Experts agree “contactless payments” are the new normal

In the shadow of COVID-19, it is important for everyone to understand cash’s role in virus transmission and implement processes that eliminate virus transmission routes. This concern has even led the World Health Organization (WHO) to recommend using contactless payments to mitigate virus spread.

Research done by Future Microbiology journal shows that paper currency and coins are highly contaminated with bacteria and viruses and are associated with the spread of disease. The standard flu virus alone can survive on money for up to 17 days.

Leading the change

Now is the time for school districts to set a contactless mandate. Stay vigilant against COVID-19 by protecting staff, students, and parents with digital forms and online payment collection. KEV has worked with many districts to implement such policies and drive adoption of online payments and information collection with parents. We can work with you to drive a contactless mandate in your district.

Here are some ways we help:

  1. Set up a programmatic approach that involves target goals, timelines, tracking actions, identifying & addressing risk areas and measuring success.
  2. Craft messaging for school staff on how to implement a contactless payment mandate. For example, 100% of sale items need to be posted to the online store.
  3. We provide marketing materials for distribution to the schools and parents to promote this initiative.

Let’s start planning your approach now.
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