KEV Group’s team of former school district professionals and technical support experts will provide your schools with the guidance and resources they need to be successful.

Implementing an activity fee management solution changes the way schools perform their everyday activities. At KEV, we believe this transformation demands more than just the introduction of new tools; it demands a comprehensive change management approach to help stakeholders realize what’s in it for them, so they see themselves in the plan and embrace the change. We offer a wide array of supporting services to help drive success for every member of the KEV community.

Implementation Process

Every successful implementation is achieved through careful planning, regular communication, key deliverables, and streamlined support. Our consultative approach draws on 20 years of experience in guiding school districts through activity fund management best practices. Below is a sample outline of the steps we would work through with your district to ensure timelines are adhered to and goals are exceeded.
  • Needs Analysis & Consulting
  • Information Gathering

KEV’s implementation team meets with the district’s team (Finance/Accounting and IT Staff) to review the project, assess their needs, confirm timelines and provide the necessary instructions and templates for the collection of data, including student information, bank account information, chart of account structure, merchant services, etc. Subsequently, a kick-off meeting with all stakeholders to introduce the solution is planned.

  • Configuration & Deployment
  • SIS Integration
  • Banking Setup & Verification

KEV implements the information from the district that was provided during the project planning. The system is installed on KEV’s servers and updates are made to the database with school information including student information data. Testing is performed on the system to ensure that funds are transferred to the correct bank accounts. This includes eCheck, credit cards, and a bank account verification check.

  • Onsite or Online Training

KEV trains the district-level support staff on the system as arranged upon contract finalization. Policies and procedures discussed with the district staff are incorporated in a customized training program for the school-level users. An onsite kick-off meeting with stakeholders will also be held at this stage, which will include participation from KEV’s account management team, along with principals, bookkeepers, and district-level staff.

  • Bookkeeper Training
  • Principal Steps & Strategies

After district staff have been trained, KEV will work with district staff to provide support and training materials for training the school bookkeepers. After completion of the training, school users will have learned all the essentials required to immediately begin using the SchoolCash, including accounting, fee creation and point of sale systems. A Steps & Strategies webinar for principals and secretaries is also conducted remotely by an account manager from KEV for each school to start raising the level of awareness for teachers, students and other users. Parent/Student users have the ability to pre-register on SchoolCash Online before the go-live date.

  • Item Creation
  • Parent Marketing
  • Monitor & Review

Online payments are activated, and email notifications are sent to parent/student users that have pre-registered, notifying them to begin to purchase items online. Once live, communication efforts will start in order to build awareness of the payment options among parents and students. Teams meet to evaluate the implementation and review the progress and set goals, both short-term and long-term, with regard to the adoption of SchoolCash. KEV also facilitates a Group Review session, which allows for further networking and the sharing of information.

Training Options

Through our training sessions, KEV aims to establish a partnership with all stakeholders in your school communities to ensure they are able to realize full value from the system. KEV offers a variety of different models to meet the unique needs of each district.

Personalized Webinar Training

In these online webinar sessions, a KEV trainer will work with the trainee to guide them through the modules required for their specific role. This one-on-one environment allows the KEV trainer to offer personalized support to the trainee.

Group Webinar Training

In these online sessions, a KEV trainer coordinates a webinar with a group of trainees. This allows the trainees to collaborate with each other and learn from their peers. Participants have the option of joining from the comfort of their own location or gathering together at a central location.

Group Classroom Training

In these sessions, a KEV trainer will be onsite to facilitate the training. Trainees attend a hands-on lab training session covering all product modules in both a sandbox and live environment.

Ongoing Support

After the final stage of the formal implementation is complete, KEV continues to offer supporting services to clients.
We aim to equip all our clients with the resources they need to drive long-term success.

As a KEV client, your district will have ongoing access to a dedicated Client Success Manager to help with product training, technical support, parent marketing, and more. Our Client Success team is staffed with former school district employees that are experts in all things related to school finances.

District and school staff will have access to KEV’s online Resource Center that includes user guides, tip sheets, eLearning videos, and FAQs. This includes access to marketing materials and best practices to increase parent and student usage.

District representatives may report issues directly to KEV technical support through an online helpdesk. This ensures that technical issues are addressed in a timely manner and allows KEV to track development requests to ensure feedback from your district finds its way into our products.

As a KEV client, your district can participate in KEV’s user group conferences. The aim of these conferences is to help our users learn about best practices related to them and expand their professional network. KEV hosts several regional conferences each year.

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Parents and students within your district will have ongoing access to our 24/7/365 help desk to support them in making online payments. This ensures that your community gets the support it needs without placing an added strain on your school bookkeepers products.

KEV Connect is a series of interactive online learning sessions that are designed to help districts and school staff learn from KEV trainers and industry experts on all areas of SchoolCash and the K-12 financial management industry. This allows districts to interact with other members of the KEV community and share best practices.

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