We are the market leaders in student activity fund management.

Our school accounting, payments, and donations suite, are used by thousands of schools and over a million parents and guardians across North America. Our solution saves time and money that can be used instead on student outcomes, and we are extremely proud of its impact. We are fast growing, innovative, and ever evolving the way we work. Start-up meets corporate in this hybrid organization where we think big, pivot quickly to succeed, and are always asking ‘what if?’.

KEV Group Named One of Top 20 Amazing Tech Companies Hiring in Toronto

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You are interested if:

You see a big opportunity and say “Challenge Accepted!”, not “Are you kidding?”. You are a master puzzle solver and builder and are bored in a ‘maintenance’ role. You recognize status quo doesn’t win the long game in the SaaS industry and you challenge yourself, your team, and colleagues to create and innovate every day. You get into the weeds to make tactical impact where necessary. You know how to take risks that return big reward.

How do we do it?

We work with school districts all over North America to provide the most secure, trusted, and fastest growing software products in public education.

What drives our teams?

We are solving meaningful problems. Helping Education, helping families, saving time, and protecting funds.

The best part?

We look for people who believe our work is meaningful, and their contributions significant. We care about what we do…and when a group of genuinely engaged talent comes together? Epic!

KEV Family

KEV Group wants to be the best place you have ever worked. We strive to provide challenging opportunities for growth in every role and to make you love coming to work every day.

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