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KEV Group’s British Columbia User Group conference took place from April 23 – 25, 2018 at the Anvil Centre in New Westminster, BC. Over 50 School Cash Suite users came together to explore the ever-evolving School Cash Suite software.  Attendees included central finance staff from school districts, along with school front office staff, from across BC and Alberta school divisions.

Learning, Collaborating and Networking

The two-day conference included a parent guest speaker, a number of engaging workshops, and a panel discussion comprised of 5 districts. The workshops covered a variety of learning topics such as Troubleshooting, Best Practices in Item Creation, Automated School Cash Accounting Year End Roll Over, and Custom Forms.  These sessions had many opportunities for School Cash Suite users to absorb new ideas for practical product usage and take away best practices.

Following the breakout sessions came “What’s New at KEV”, where KEV staff showcased a much-anticipated look at the new version of School Cash Suite – which includes more than 50 new features, enhancements and improvements.

Our parent guest speaker, Heidi Hughes, is a working professional and busy mom. She spoke about how School Cash Online is a parent’s life saver. She brought laughter with her declaration and visual of “reclaim the kitchen island”.  She passionately shared how using School Cash Online means she no longer has to dig for money at the last minute, how she’s said goodbye to cheques and hello to myWallet, and how she’s always in the know – no more forgotten payments or missed events.

The BC Panel leveraged what had been created and prepared by Finance staff from 8 Ontario School Districts for the Toronto User Group Conference, but with a western twist.  Recommended routines and best practices for school activity fund management across 12 topics were covered through a lively and interactive discussion.


Key Takeaways

The 5th User Group Conference was a great success.  While focused on opportunities for attendees to exchange ideas, strengthen skills and build relationships among colleagues for School Cash Suite users, it was also great way for the KEV team to learn from our school district partners. Hearing a parent’s perspective first hand also allowed all attendees to truly realize the value the School Cash Suite software has on school-to-home parent engagement and communication.

About KEV Group

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