With schools closed, we wanted to help our district and school staff stay sharp and build out their skills so, at the end of March, we opened up our KEV Connect on-going education program to all of our clients and more than doubled the number of sessions offered to make room for everyone.

sessions delivered
in April
sessions run per week
on average
total registrations
for the 51 sessions
new users
in April

It’s been great to see the enthusiastic response from our clients. In April alone, we had over 700 users join the program and delivered 51 training sessions with an average of 60 attendees per session. We’re now delivering 15 to 20 sessions per week to help our users stay sharp on everything from issuing refunds to reconciling monthly bank statements to running custom reports.

Topics Covered

School Cash Accounting

Issuing Checks, Deposits, Ledger & Reports, NSF & Transfers, Reconciliation

SchoolFunds Online

Journal Entries, Purchase Orders, Reconciliation, Reports

School Cash Online

Item Creation, Reports, Group Collection