Redefining the word “Optimism”

Bram Belzberg | CEO
Bram Belzberg | CEO

Bram Belzberg, CEO of KEV Group, started his career in New York’s Investment Banking industry. After two years of working on the ground floor at Goldman Sachs, Bram returned home to Toronto to work in the Asset Management industry. With these work experiences under his belt, Bram decided to further his education at Harvard Business School. This is where he realized his passion for helping emerging companies reach their full potential. When Bram came across KEV Group, he saw an opportunity that he couldn’t turn down. Bram joined KEV Group in 2009 as the Chief Operating Officer (COO). Within just six months he was trusted to take on the position of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

At only twenty-nine years old Bram became the CEO of a rapidly growing technology company. At such a young age, Bram was dealing with challenges that are normally tackled by those with decades of experience. Scaling KEV Group’s team and infrastructure, developing new products, and expanding into new markets were just a few of the responsibilities of the young CEO. As a leader, Bram believes that to grow, “it is important to reinvent continuously, and a small business cannot grow without large aspirations.” Bram had to manage people accordingly, sharing his vision and inspiring his team to stand behind the new direction of the company.

“To be a leader it is very important to take responsibility for the development of the whole team. It takes courage to prepare oneself to become a leader. Creativity, humbleness, and trusting your intuition are mandatory,” says Bram.

KEV Group:  School Cash Simplified

KEV Group’s School Cash Suite is a web-based cash management solution designed to meet the unique needs of K-12 public schools. Created by school bookkeepers for school bookkeepers, the School Cash Suite delivers real-time financial visibility that prevents fraud and makes fund management more efficient.

Featuring integrated accounting, online payments and best-in-class auditing tools, the School Cash Suite eliminates the messiness of accounting and cash collection by providing the process and structure for better financial controls as well as the reporting capabilities required by public school districts.

Billions of dollars are generated by public schools in North America through the collection of school fees every year. However, school fees are one of the few remaining areas where the majority of funds are still collected in cash. The goal of the School Cash Suite is to take cash out of schools to create efficiencies and provide financial visibility into every transaction made within a school district.

CEO with a Vision

Bram knows that his job is to help KEV Group recognize its full potential. Most business professionals deal with today’s problems, but Bram knows that his job is to anticipate the problems of tomorrow. He spends much of his time thinking of what the business and industry are going to look like in the future so that “when the business changes we are well equipped to handle whatever comes our way.”

Bram says, “I believe very strongly that I have been given this opportunity to ensure every person who works for me has the best job in the world. I try very hard to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves. I’m not always successful, but I try.”  He knows that the personal and professional development of every member of the company is his main responsibility and has developed a leadership philosophy focused on equipping his team to solve their own problems, rather than delegating solutions.

Winning the Race

KEV group is constantly striving to improve its solution and is determined to be the #1 provider of administrative software solutions to schools in the world. The company has been growing rapidly in North America, investing heavily in new product developments, and recently introduced consulting services to help customers get the most out of the School Cash Suite solution.

Bram believes that school districts are buying more than just technology when they purchase new software for their school communities. School districts want to buy from a vendor that truly acts as an ongoing partner that will decrease the risk of implementation. They are buying a very significant piece of software that changes the way schools perform their everyday activities. This is why Bram has invested not just in KEV Group’s product, but also in ongoing support and services for all of KEV Group’s customers.

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