KEV Group Named One of Top 20 Most Promising Education Tech Solution Providers

Promoting Web-Based Approach for Student Activity Fund Management

Every entrepreneur aspires to build and be part of a successful enterprise; but the path to success doesn’t come easy; Bram Belzberg is a person who understands this well. For him, a company that sincerely cares about its products, customers, and the services it provides defines success. At the helm of KEV Group, Belzberg ensures that he follows these principles while providing innovative solutions for complex problems in the education sector.

With offices in Irving, TX, and Toronto, ON, KEV Group provides online payment and accounting software that simplifies student activity fund management. With the ever increasing need for transparency and accountability of school activity funds, proper tracking of cash and all funds coming into schools is now a stringent requirement for school Districts. KEV’s School Cash Suite satisfies this requirement. KEV’s easy- to-use web-based software automates the collection, disbursement and management of student funds, thereby reducing the time it takes to receive and account for all school activity fees, increasing the time teachers

can spend on education. By using KEV’s School Cash Online payments system and the other programs in KEV’s School Cash Suite, schools are able to reduce fraud and increase the accuracy of information while simplifying reporting.

“We improve all aspects of school activity fund management, deliver technology that improves business processes and enable greater efficiency in schools and for school administrators,” says Belzberg. The School District of Palm Beach County is a perfect example. The district was looking for a fast and large-scale implementation of a web- based payment solution that could operate seamlessly through all of their 172 schools and for their more than 170, 000 students. There was a need to streamline the collection of all student activity fees as well as meal plan payments using a single website to provide an easy to use solution for parents. Another necessity for the district was to have a back-end accounting system that would conveniently integrate with the payment-processing system.

Using the School Cash Suite, Palm Beach was able to integrate other critical systems including meal plans, point of sale software, and student information systems. KEV Group completed a full integration in just twelve weeks and now the district seamlessly manages all student activity fund payments including cash, check and lunch payments online through one comprehensive system, with high parent participation rates.

Painless and swift implementations have been paramount to KEV’s success and differentiation, as has its ability to deal with all funds, not just those collected online. “One of the key benefits of our solution is that all modules interact with each other. No matter how funds are collected, at the school, in cash, or online, all transactions are automatically posted to the accounting ledger,” affirms Belzberg. This increases efficiencies and prevents cash mismanagement. Although the accounting module is the backbone of KEV’s solution, it is the complete integration of all the modules of the School Cash Suite (accounting, online payments, student obligations and a virtual register) that provides the transparency, ease-of- use and fraud prevention capabilities to Districts and their schools.

Moving forward, the company plans on increasing resources available to its customers by continuing to foster and promote the communication between them. “We will do this via user group conferences, our Resource Center, and our training and learning materials,” claims Belzberg. This goes hand-in-hand with a high level of customer service. “As we grow at a remarkably quick pace, it is important that we continue to provide individualized and high-end customer service to every one of our constituents,” he concludes.

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