ADSB launches online payment system

School Cash Online makes payments more convenient, safer and easier to manage and track

Today, Algoma District School Board launches School Cash Online at all its schools. School Cash Online is an easy to use, safe and convenient way for parents and guardians to pay online for school activities, such as field trips, lunches, fundraisers, milk programs and yearbooks.

“We have been in conversation with our families for the past year or so and know they will welcome this option. Cashless schools makes it easier for parents and guardians to perform some of the administrative tasks they are asked to take care of on a regular basis,” said Executive Superintendent of Business and Operations, Joe Santa Maria.

“Our primary goals were to provide more security for students and parents paying fees, reduce teacher and administrative time spent on managing money and improve communications between the home and school. School Cash Online has a proven track record and we feel confident our families and staff will embrace this new technology.”

For parents and guardians, School Cash Online makes payments more convenient, safer and easier to manage and track and helps them avoid missing information or missing payments. They can also approve permission forms online and make secure payments direct from their bank account, using the device most convenient for them. Payments for school activities by cash are still accepted, but the new School Cash Online option will be the preferred method of payment for all ADSB schools.

Parents and guardians of ADSB students are encouraged to register for School Cash Online by clicking here. A link is also accessible through the board’s website.

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