Do you really know what is going on with your school’s activity funds?

We want to share with you the top 5 reports that will give your district the information you need to manage your School Activity Funds.  From GASB84 and state-required reporting to fraud prevention, the combination of these five reports will give you the information you need to understand, monitor and report on your student-generated funds. As a bonus, each of these reports can be created in 5 clicks or less within School Cash Management.

1. Schedule of School Activity Funds Summary:

When to pull the report: Monthly, Annually
With this report, you will easily be able to pull the information needed for GASB84. This report shows total revenue and expenses for the year, and can be run monthly if need be, organized by school level and is a great overview to provide to your trustees.

2. District Level Umbrella Report:

When to pull the report: Monthly
This overview builds on the Schedule of Student Activity Funds Summary with a view of each GL across all schools with the starting balance, expenses, revenue, any transfers and the current balance for the period. It’s a great review of everything that has happened at a high-level for all umbrellas.

3. District Level Category Report:

When to pull the report: Weekly, Monthly
This report builds on the District Level Umbrella report to dive deeper into the specific activates across the district. This report helps you ensure that none of your activities are running a deficit as you move through the year.

4. Customized Transaction Report:

When to pull the report: Weekly, Monthly
With this report, you can build custom queries to your heart’s content. For example, you can run a transfer report or a credit/debit memo to monitor how the schools are entering data and identify any concerns with SGF guidelines. This report also includes awesome search capabilities to dig deep into your data.

5. Deposit Statement Summary Report:

When to pull the report: Monthly
This report should be pulled after the schools have reconciled for the month to ensure all receipting procedures have been followed, all deposits have been reconciled and identified if any ledger entries have been modified.

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