Over our 20+ years serving the K-12 community, we’ve learned a thing or two about school finances. Our library of resources aims to share the best practices and insights we have gained from working with thousands of schools across North America.

Online School Payments

Getting Your School Fees Online

In an effort to offer more convenient options to parents and help their schools better manage their finances, school districts all over North America are collecting school fees online. This guide discusses the considerations that districts need to be aware of to successfully implement an online payment solution.

Audit Checklist

Preparing Your Schools for Audits

Many districts have developed best practices to assist school staff with preparing for internal or external audits. Learning from thousands of schools, KEV Group has compiled a checklist from a variety of sources to help ensure schools are prepared to achieve clean audits!

School Fraud

Avoiding Financial Fraud in Your Schools

Schools across North America collect billions of dollars in student activity fees. As school fees are still largely paid in cash and are handled by multiple stakeholders and volunteers within a school, the possibility of fraud is amplified. This guide aims to help districts understand what causes fraud and discover effective strategies to combat it.

Roles and Responsibilities

Student Activity Fund Accountability

From the moment parents and students pay for a school fee, the district has a responsibility to ensure that all school activity funds are collected in accordance with district policies as well as relevant laws and regulations. This guide outlines the responsibilities of each member within a school district that has a role in managing school activity funds.

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