Something transformative happens when school districts adopt the School Cash Suite and reimagine student activity fee management. Parents receive electronic notifications from their school regrading events and activities, feel more connected, and embrace online payments. Teachers find more time to focus on student outcomes, no longer needing to manage the cumbersome distribution and collection of paper-based forms & cash. Accounting is vastly simplified for school office staff who become more confident and efficient in their daily tasks. District staff gain meaningful insight into school finances while minimizing risks… and the complexity of it all simply disappears.

The School Cash Suite is a web-based educational software solution designed to meet the unique financial needs of K-12 public schools. The Suite is the only solution available that fully integrates online payments, fee management, school-level accounting, and digital forms. The system was developed with the advice of industry leaders in preventing fraudulent activity, accounting, and educational policy and procedures. Our solution simplifies tasks, while providing transparency, accountability, internal controls and reporting capabilities district business officials require.

Trusted throughout the K-12 community


8,500+ Schools

The School Cash Suite has been adopted by over 8,500 schools, across 23 states and 10 provinces.



The School Cash Suite manages over $1.5 billion annually in school generated funds.


20+ Years

20 years of unparalleled product innovation, developed in collaboration with the education community, and informed by over 150 years of collective KEV staff educational experience.


20+ Years

20 years of unparalleled product innovation, developed in collaboration with the education community, and informed by over 150 years of collective KEV staff educational experience.

Supporting the entire school community

District staff

Check mark symbol Standardize school accounting practices across the district and meet reporting requirements

Check mark symbol Create digital footprints over every transaction and obtain clean and reliable audits

Check mark symbol Gain better visibility and easily generate district-wide financial reports

Check mark symbol Leverage real-time data to expose cost saving opportunities

Check mark symbol Improve risk management practices and safeguard the district’s assets from loss and fraudulent activities.

School office staff

Check mark symbol Save hours on administrative processing tasks by automating accounting activities with a simple school accounting software built for school staff

Check mark symbol Eliminate the need for in-depth accounting knowledge

Check mark symbol Avoid daily interruptions and trips to the bank

Check mark symbol Reduce the collection and handling of school cash, checks, and permission forms


Check mark symbol Decrease cash handling and allow for more instructional time

Check mark symbol  Improve school to home communication for school activities

Check mark symbol Track and manage fee payments and form collection with ease

Check mark symbol Create and post activities and student fees online for parents to view and purchase

Parents & students

Check mark symbol  Conveniently make payments for student fees online

Check mark symbol  Say hello to smart online forms, and goodbye to cumbersome paper based forms for data submissions

Check mark symbol  Stay connected and informed of all school activities

Check mark symbol  Never miss out on field trips, school events, yearbooks and more

Key success criteria

20 years of education focus alongside the collaborative insight of school business leaders across North America has provided KEV Group with a unique vantage point on school financial management matters. It is the fine and careful attention to detail in product design, coupled with the power of an engaged and passionate user community, that amplifies a school districts’ ability to move well beyond just “modifying” their business practices to truly transforming them.

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