KEV Group’s May 2018 Newsletter

Bram Belzberg - KEV GroupTo all members of the School Cash community including our partners, colleagues, and all users of School Cash, welcome to our newsletter!

Over the last year a lot of exciting things have happened, such as the rapid  growth of Custom Form users,increase in the amount of money going through our system, our KEV team growth, investment in more tools for better internal and external communication and more! We wanted a way to keep you up-to-date on the improvements we’re making and help you to get the most out of our software.

In our newsletter we’ll include company milestones, tips for using our software, and provide information on events and product upgrades. As always feel free to give us your feedback here.

The School Cash Suite ensures that schools and school districts have the most secure and efficient management of their school generated funds. The system manages over $1.5 billion dollars across 9,000 schools annually and we work hard to help our partners achieve clean audits and financial integrity, save bookkeepers time and close the loop on cash in schools. If you have new ideas on product features or enhancements let us know here.

We hope you find this newsletter useful and continuing to be more relevant to you. You might even learn something new about our KEV Family (see below)! Our number one priority is to help make schools and school boards more effective and efficient, and we’re committed to working with all of our partners to continue this success.

Bram Belzberg

KEV Group Chairman & CEO

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School Cash Pro Tips

School Cash Pro Tips

KEV Group is pleased to announce the release of version 2018.1 of the School Cash Suite. We have made performance improvements and added more than 50 new features. One of the new features we’re excited about is in School Cash Accounting – we’ve added year-end rollover automation. District users will be presented with the list of bank accounts that are ready to roll over and can begin the process with a click of a button! More information on our performance improvements and new features can be found under release notes on our Resource Centre.

Toronto User Group Conference

KEV Group's 14th Annual User Group Conference

KEV Group’s 14th Annual User Group conference took place from April 11th to 13th, 2018 in Toronto, Ontario. School Cash Suite users from across North America gathered to collaborate with their peers and participate in workshops that advanced their school’s strategic mission and vision. District Support Staff exchanged ideas, strengthened their skills and built relationships amongst colleagues. It was a great way for the KEV team to learn and meet with our school district partners. We are looking forward to our upcoming Alberta User Group Conference on May 29th, 2018. If you live in Western Canada, we would love to have you attend!

Together We Grow

Kobi Ofir - KEV GroupKEV is excited to welcome Kobi Ofir to our team as our Chief Technology Officer! Kobi joins us from Amazon, where he was a leader in technology. He’s also spent the last five years as a member of our advisory board. He believes strongly in the ability of technology to improve student outcomes, he’s committed to helping us improve and update our School Cash Suite and continue to reduce response time on tech support items. Look for meaningful improvement in the near future.

You can read more about Kobi here. We’re always looking to add great people to our team – watch this video about what makes KEV a unique place to work.

Allow us to introduce ourselves

Not a School Cash user already? We offer the best solutions for schools and school boards looking to improve efficiency, reduce fraud, and give teachers more time to teach. For more information on the products and services we offer, check out our website.

Welcoming new client’s to the School Cash Suite Community

Conferences we will be attending

April, 2018
Association of School Business Officials  – California, US
KEV User Group Conference – British Columbia, Canada

May, 2018
Association of School Business Officials  – Alberta, Canada
Association of School Business Officials  – Maryland, US
Association of School Business Officials  – British Columbia, Canada
Association of School Business Officials  – Ontario, Canada
Association of School Business Officials  – Washington, US

June, 2018
Educational Computing Network of Ontario – Ontario, Canada
Association of School Business Officials  – New York, US

September, 2018
Association of School Business Officials International – Florida, US

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