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  • School Cash Accounting has made our district much more efficient and effective at dealing with school generated funds and from an administrative perspective, the improvements are numerous. I would strongly recommend this package to any School District looking to use a program that their secretaries will not only understand, but enjoy using.

    School Cash Accounting improved efficiencies, accountability and allowed for reliable government reporting and provided improved overall district transparency. Due to reduced staffing costs and an overall reduction in the time dedicated to bookkeeping, the program has provided a return on our investment that can be measured in the reduction of staff time in managing the daily operation of our student activity accounts.

    I would like to give the people who developed the School Cash program a big hug! It is so user friendly you don’t even have to think about what you have to do next. You can tell it has been developed by people who have done this job. Reconciliation is awesome! Parents paying online is phenomenal and will ensure I handle less money and save even more time.

    This system is so easy for me; everything makes sense. I like how I can get my work done right away, fast and I don’t have to think about it too much. The reports are easy to read and the whole system is user-friendly. I was trained in two hours and haven’t looked back. The calculating deposit screen is my favorite part and an adding machine tape in seconds. The bank reconciliation is heavenly!

  • I really like School Cash and found it easy to learn. I collected over $50,000 in three days, and I love how the deposit screen assists with counting and receipting. On orientation night, we had thousands of people through our school and I had stacks of checks two to three inches high. The automatic adding machine tape is a dream.

    I like how self-explanatory School Cash is. It’s very logical! I can easily see the next thing I need to do. Deposits move way quicker than in my old system. Your trainers were delightful. I really liked being able to focus on one area at a time for each training session.


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What is Fraud & How to Prevent it

When fraud is exposed within schools, it makes for eye-catching headlines because it just seems blatantly wrong and dishonest for anyone to financially exploit the education system. However, fraud within K-12 schools happens more often than anyone wants to admit due to inadequate systems, processes and technology, as well as a lack of financial controls.

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