Created by school bookkeepers for school bookkeepers, the School Cash Suite delivers real-time financial visibility that prevents fraud and makes fund management more efficient.

Featuring integrated accounting, online payments and best-in-class auditing tools, the School Cash Suite eliminates the messiness of accounting and collecting cash by providing the processes and structure to get better financial controls, insight and analysis.


Reduce Fraud

Insight into every transaction coming into and out of school provides districts with the financial visibility and transparency and ways to identify problems before fraud can happen.

Created for schools, not small businesses

Hundreds of advanced features designed exclusively for K-12 schools to simplify accounting and payment processes. No more spreadsheets.

Efficient workflow

The School Cash Suite gives principals and bookkeepers the tools to effectively manage school funds. Principals have easy online access to review and approve financial records.

Convenient, easy to use

Parents can make secure payments at school or on online, while reducing the amount of cash sent with students to school. For schools, funds are automatically transferred into their bank accounts.

Less cash in schools

With students and parents able to pay online or electronically, less cash flows into schools. This reduces opportunities for fund mismanagement and improves security.

Designed for bookkeepers

The School Cash Suite seamlessly fits into a bookkeeper’s daily work flow and does not require any additional in-depth accounting knowledge. In other words, bookkeepers and administration staff embrace it and love using it.

Obtain clean audits

Run clean audits with organized reporting, extensive audit tools and highly developed analytics. School districts get the financial insight needed to have more control and structure.

Flexible payment options

Multiple payment scheduling and installment options make life easier for schools and parents. Select between e-checks, myWallet, credit or debit.