Leading by Diversity

Like 90% of entrepreneurs who succeed, Kim Vivian-Downs and Evelyn Eagle set out to solve their own problem. As school bookkeepers they were mired in the reality of volume, time constraints, and conflicting priorities. They knew there had to be a simpler, more effective way. In the early 90s, these two courageous women embarked on a Software as a Service journey; at a time when less than 0.4% of individuals enrolling in Computer Science post secondary programs were women, Evelyn and Kim taught themselves how to code and bring to life this solution.

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A classic tech entrepreneur story: KEV Group

Ensuring that your customers have a good experience and a deep relationship with your company is essential. To accomplish this, we focus on building a strong community of users. Combined with our dedication to build the best product on the market, this has been much more important for us than “making money.” This is especially true in the early years of a business’s life cycle. Too many businesses focus on immediate profitability needs instead of investing in their core assets: their product and their users. Profitability is important, but a focus on these core assets will shape the company’s future for many years going forward and build lasting brand value.

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KEV Group gives school districts a better way to handle funds.

Created by school bookkeepers for school bookkeepers, our School Cash suite delivers real-time financial visibility that prevents fraud and makes fund management more efficient.

School Cash is the only product designed for K-12 schools and boards that seamlessly integrates accounting, payment systems and student obligations.

Featuring integrated account and online payments and best-in-class auditing tools, School Cash eliminates the messiness of accounting and collecting cash by providing the processes and systems to get better financial insight and analysis.

School Cash stands out from the crowd by tracking every dollar that comes into schools. It ensures financial accountability and accuracy by making payments transparent for everyone involved.

Avy Oaknine, Director
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