Should Students Learn How to be Entrepreneurs?

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It seems we’re in the midst of an entrepreneurial revolution. Everywhere you turn, there are articles about being an entrepreneur or working for a startup. A key question is whether the concept of entrepreneurship fits into the school curriculum. Does it make sense to teach children the value of owning a business and managing money?… Read more »

Are Tablets in the Classroom a Good Thing?

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Tablets seem to be everywhere these days but should they be allowed in the classroom? It’s an intriguing and somewhat controversial question that is getting more attention as technology becomes a bigger part of the classroom experience. Students accessing content using tablets may be debatable but there are benefits for how students learn. The biggest… Read more »

Should Students Attend School Year-Round?

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Summertime and the living is easy, particularly for students who have two months of freedom. But as learning evolves and new approaches are explored, does the summer vacation continue to make sense? There seems to be growing interest in year-round education. Rather than having two months off in the summer, students would have more blocks… Read more »

The Joys of Spending Time With Customers

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Last month, we held our 10th annual user conference that attracted school officials from across Canada and the U.S. It was an opportunity to provide more insight about our platform, which continues to improve and evolve. As important was the chance to spend time with people using our platform on a daily basis. Meeting face-to-face… Read more »

Does Education Need To Be More Fun?

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Education is a serious business. But is there room for fun? I’m not talking about gym class or the freedom of recess but learning that engages and entertains – aka edu-tainment. As schools districts explore new ways to make education more accessible and interesting, the concept of fun is attracting more attention. In a recent… Read more »

Cursive Writing: Back to the Future?

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At first blush, it appeared like a strange development: the Toronto’s Catholic school board is exploring the idea of reintroducing cursive writing in all of its schools. Apparently, school trustees are getting pushback from parents who are concerned their children can’t write or sign their names. A return to teaching students how to write in… Read more »

Is Writing the Right Thing for Students to Do?

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Call me old school but writing notes strikes as the right way to make things stick. In the digital world, this may come across as antiquated but the act of writing connects the physical with the mental. For whatever reasons, I find that ideas, concepts and information resonates and sticks better after it written down…. Read more »

Teaching the Three R’s…and Coding

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It used to be the foundation of a solid education were the three R’s: reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic. Today, you could argue it should be the three R’s and the C (aka coding). Given we live in a digital world, the ability to code (or speak the language the Web) seems  like a necessity. Coding… Read more »